Abigail Horne

Giving Energy To Other Mums To Make a Change

Entrepreneurial Mum described as "Powerhouse and heart on legs"

For ten years, Abigail worked as a Department Manager for a global energy company. After a decade in the corporate world, Abbie said "I just felt trapped in my reality. I had a baby and the hours no longer worked for me as a mother, but the company I worked for basically told me that I had to choose my career or time with my son. I made it my mission to not only leave my job but help any other woman facing similar dilemmas." She left the corporate world with a clear vision and set out to pursue her dream of online coaching, networking and marketing, while also wanting to prove a point!

Abigail wanted to prove to her old employer, that you can be a mum and have it all. She decided to invest in her own energy company, www.theenergydeal.com. After making a success of that company, she set up Female Success Network and Authors and Co., to help other women achieve their ambitions.

Female Success Network offers monthly learning bundles for women looking to start and grow a self-employed business. It also offers 1:1 strategy sessions and coaching programmes.

Authors and Co takes this one step further and helps women become "best-selling authors" in their chosen industries. In the last year, Abigail herself became a number 1 bestselling author with her own success story.

Of course, there has been challenges along the way and, for Abigail, these have tested her to the extreme. She has battled with depression, online bullying and a subsequent breakdown as well as other debilitating health issues. Every time she has fought back and, most importantly, been open about everything she has been through. Now, not only does she inspire others who may be struggling, she is more determined than ever to use her experiences to help others.

Abigail has a 6 year old son, Ted and it is him that keeps her going through the tough times. She says, "Giving up would only teach that following your dreams isn't worth it, so I will never give up. I will always show him that we are limitless and can achieve anything we want to in life."

In true entrepreneurial spirit, when asked who inspires her, Abigail said, "I inspire myself. I am committed to self-development and lifelong learning, to always keep pushing forward. I don't need any one else to inspire, my own story blows my mind."

As for her hopes and goals for the future, Abigail has set the bar high and said, "To help a million women achieve their version of success through my teachings."

Abigail entered Entrepreneur of the year but also received several other nominations from her husband, colleagues, associates, and women that she has mentored and coached to achieve their own success. We asked each of them why they thought she should win this award and here are a few snippets of their responses… "Abigail has achieved more in her 31 years than some people have ever achieved. Ultimately, she has helped so many people and their businesses and just wants to help others to succeed. Now that is a SuperAchiever".'

"Abi has built a legacy from the ground up... she oozes what the entrepreneur stands for - integrity, honesty, alignment, respect and drive. Her work ethic is incredible, her clients are always her priority and she is a woman of her word. The trust she builds is phenomenal, I've never come across such a beautiful heart on such a mission to enrich so many other women's lives."'

"Because she is selfless, she has created businesses from nothing and she puts so much time into helping others be successful."'

Abigail clearly has a monumental impact on those she meets and is quite rightly proud of her achievements so far. She has turned a £23,000 a year job into a £230,000 per year passion – incredible. Her entrepreneurial journey began when she was pushed to choose between her career and her family - no contest there. Since that pivotal moment, her achievements so far showcase someone who is a true SuperAchiever.