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SuperAchievers Awards 2017

SuperAchievers Awards 2017 returned for its 6th year running and we're proud to reveal this year's inspirational award winners.

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SuperAchievers 2017 Winners!

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our SuperAchievers Awards 2017!
Congratulations to all the winners, finalists on their achievement, and thank you to all who took the time to nominate and vote in this year’s awards.

WINNER: Pitman Training Student of the Year

Alex Meredith

Inspirational Student Wins For Annual Award After Learning to Teach Others

We’re delighted to introduce the Pitman Training Student of the Year, Alex Meredith! Alex was put forward for this award by Pitman Training Newcastle where he studied. Read his story and find out why the judges felt he should win...

Alex studied for a degree in Business and ICT at Sheffield Hallam and then completed a PGCE, his intention was to become an IT teacher. After gaining a position as an IT and Employability Tutor with Access Training in Newcastle, Alex began teaching unemployed learners on how to use IT skills and how to apply for jobs online. His role developed further into delivering social media and digital marketing training for apprenticeships. From here he was approached to focus more on the accounting side of training. Although he had a small amount of accounting experience gained from his degree, this would involve classroom based teaching so he would need to have a full understanding, not only of bookkeeping but also the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) syllabus.

Alex came to Pitman Training Newcastle and embarked on an Accounting Technician Diploma with AAT. Although the learning bookkeeping aspect was a huge challenge, Alex completed the Diploma in just seven months which is impressive when you consider that whilst training he became a father for the first time so was juggling a busy day job, studying and sleepless nights! What makes Alex’s journey all the more inspiring is that he wasn’t just learning for himself, his ultimate intention was to become an AAT tutor so there was an additional pressure on him to ensure he thoroughly understood every aspect.

One of his biggest fears was that he wouldn’t be able to answer learners questions so at all times he was thinking about how he would translate and teach this to students in the classroom. Even when certain aspects proved more challenging he was taking it all in, repeating sections until he was 100% sure he had a thorough understanding. All the while remembering all aspects of his training that got him through and how he was supported so that he could himself offer support to future students in similar situations.

At the time they nominated him Pitman Training Newcastle were asked why the felt Alex deserved to win. They said “We would like to put Alex forward for Student of the Year not only because of his fantastic results, but because he has used his knowledge to forge a new career in delivering training to apprenticeship students. He has found something he loves to do, and is now working on his AAT Level 3 and wants to move to Level 4 and beyond.”

Alex is rightly incredibly proud of his achievements and his own students what’s more his results speak for themselves. His achievement rate with his apprenticeship students is 97% and pass rate 98%, which is a credit to his understanding and delivery of the material.

Judge Lucy Brazier felt Alex was a worthy winner commenting “Alex’s commitment not only to his own learning in passing his exams in 7 months but then to pass on his knowledge to others made him stand out for me in this category.”

Judge Jennifer Corcoran also commended Alex saying “What I loved about Alex's story was how he consistently embraces self-development and his commitment to empowering others. He bravely availed of an opportunity presented to him and is now using his learning and education for the greater good. Alex's students are already reaping the benefits of this SuperAchiever!”

The Prizes!

Winners not only gain International recognition - they will also be presented with:

  • A prestigious SuperAchievers Award
  • A cash prize of £500 to help them on their way to achieving their goals!
  • A distance learning training course (courtesy of Pitman Training Group)

PLUS: There will be special prizes will be awarded to winners of individual categories, including:

  • A 1-to-1 mentoring call with Claire Barratt and the creation of ClaireaBella character of the winner, for this year's Working Mum of the Year.
  • A 1 hour personal impact review with Jennifer Corcoran - 'Brand YOU' which will review the LinkedIn profile and personal branding of PA of the Year Winner.

The Judging Panel

We’re pleased to introduce our SuperAchievers Judging Panel. Click below to find out more about them.

Lucy Brazier

Lucy Brazier

Lucy works with the best trainers of Executive Assistants from around the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market.

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Claire Barrat

Claire Barratt

With passion, determination and a lot of long hours Claire has developed an award winning brand with retail sales over £2m per annum, from a £30 loan and an evening crafting at her kitchen table.

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John Adams

John Adams

Winner of 'Best UK Dad Blog', John combines raising his two daughters with running and regularly comments in national media on how men struggle to achieve work/life balance.

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Jennifer Corcoran

Jennifer Corcoran

Where so many are vying to be visible, Jennifer Corcoran, our SuperAchievers 'PA of the Year' in 2016 and London PA Awards 'Most Networked PA' has become a commodity in demand.

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Diane Rose

Diane Rose

Director of Membership and Assessment, at the CPD Standards Office: A global accreditation service who campaign nationally for excellence in lifelong training and actively promote CPD across all industry sectors.

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