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SuperAchievers Awards 2017

SuperAchievers Awards 2017 returned for its 6th year running and we're proud to reveal this year's inspirational award winners.

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SuperAchievers 2017 Finalists

We’d like to extend our congratulations to all our inspirational finalists who were shortlisted for SuperAchievers 2017. Below are their award entries so read on to find out more!

PA of the Year Finalists

Niamh Smithers

Tenacious PA Advocate Breaks Through Barriers

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Bethany Davies

Young PA Works her way to
Career Success

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Boss of the Year Finalists

Becky Siggins

Teacher Aiming to Inspire a Generation and Lead by example

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Adele Adams

Inspirational Boss Nominated for National Award

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Inspirational Achiever Finalists


Network Founder Inspires a Professional Community

>  Read Nomination


Setbacks Not Stopping Young Accounting Apprentice

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Working Mum of the Year Finalists


Working Mum Overcomes Tragedy to Succeed

>  Read Nomination


Working Mum Grabs Opportunities to Have Her Cake and Eat it!

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Working Dad of the Year Finalists


Hard Working Dad Shortlisted for Top Award Thanks to can-do Attitude

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Working Dad Seeks to Shift The Balance.

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Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists


Entrepreneur Striving For Success Whilst Also Giving Back

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Event Company MD Out To Prove Hard Work Can Pay

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Pitman Training Student of the Year Finalists

The Prizes!

Winners not only gain International recognition - they will also be presented with:

  • A prestigious SuperAchievers Award
  • A cash prize of £500 to help them on their way to achieving their goals!
  • A distance learning training course (courtesy of Pitman Training Group)

PLUS: There will be special prizes will be awarded to winners of individual categories, including:

  • A 1-to-1 mentoring call with Claire Barratt and the creation of ClaireaBella character of the winner, for this year's Working Mum of the Year.
  • A 1 hour personal impact review with Jennifer Corcoran - 'Brand YOU' which will review the LinkedIn profile and personal branding of PA of the Year Winner.