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SuperAchievers Awards 2017

SuperAchievers Awards 2017 returned for its 6th year running and we're proud to reveal this year's inspirational award winners.

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SuperAchievers 2017 Winners!

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our SuperAchievers Awards 2017!
Congratulations to all the winners, finalists on their achievement, and thank you to all who took the time to nominate and vote in this year’s awards.

WINNER: Working Dad of the Year

Han-Son Lee

Dad Community Website Founder Wins Top Award!

Congratulations to Han-son, winner of SuperAchievers Working Dad of the Year Award! Read his story here and find out what our judges thought made his entry stand out...

Han-son combines a busy role in marketing alongside founding and running DaddiLife, a website designed to build a community for the modern day dad.

By day Han-Son is a self-confessed passionate marketer and has experience working on projects and programmes for ambitious start-ups and big name brands. Han-son brings this wealth of experience to his work on DaddiLife. He is Dad to son Max, aged 2.5 years, so life is busy but he is passionate about creating more change for dads in the workplace and re-dressing the balance.

Ask any parent and trying to balance home and work life and they’ll tell you it is a battle. Han-son himself says “finding the time to be as involved as I want in Max’s upbringing, whilst holding down a busy job and creating a genuinely useful community and site for modern dads is hard, especially in the beginning when you’re creating something from nothing, with no budget and no additional resource. It’s a constant tension between ‘work’ and ‘family’ that’s a tough mental and physical challenge.”

Han-son has carved out his time and dedicates himself to a specific focus at different times. So, when he needs to focus all his attention on creating and delivering campaigns and strategies to elite brands with complex requirements he can do so. Similarly at certain times or days of the week he completely switches away from work-mode to dedicate himself to giving his son his absolute attention. Giving each area 100% of his attention in their respective moments is how he is ‘present’ for them. He says “Distraction is the enemy of effectiveness.”

DaddiLife was created approximately 12 months ago and has already got an engaged following of around 50,000 dads. Han-son has set in motion initiatives to support fathers feeling the pressure of down weighting their careers in order to spend more quality time at home, that ‘fatherhood penalty’ is something they’re actively looking to address. They have started working with the Working Families Charity recently to do just that and hope to take that to the Parliamentary enquiry on work and dads. Other initiatives include DaddiLifeForce Programme, where a weekly curated set of tips is shared for dads, from dads help inspire, advise and encourage.

The positive feedback received fuels Han-son’s drive and ambition to do even more to do an even better job – both as a father himself but also for other dads wanting to be more involved in their children’s upbringing than ever before

When asked why he should win he said “For me a ‘SuperAchiever’ is someone who has gone above and beyond in doing something that excels at work, and that also has a wider impact beyond the norm. My work is important to me, because I am very passionate about what I do in marketing, but what makes my achievement super-sized is that I’ve been able to learn about myself as a dad, to create a site and community that is genuinely impacting and adding value to modern day dads across the world, and in turn helping them become ‘SuperAchievers’ in their own family.”

SuperAchievers judges Lucy Brazier and Diane Rose felt Han-son would be a worthy winner of this category. Diane commented on Han-son using his personal experience to create a much needed source of information for fellow Dads and was “impressed with his free thinking as young modern day fathers want to be involved in their children’s lives and upbringing.”

John Adams, founder of DadBlogUK also commended Han-son saying “he goes out of his way to help other dads but has seen the value in switching off and dedicating time to his family” He continued “We hear a great deal about the pressures of being a working mum. In the modern age, however, men are increasingly struggling to balance work and family life and this is rarely recognised. Pitman Training has taken a brave step by introducing a Working Dad of the Year category, but it's one that acknowledges the realities of modern fatherhood and the workplace. It's wonderful to see the award sitting alongside the Working Mum of the Year category and some equally deserving women. It was very difficult to make a choice. All of the finalists stood out for very different reasons and each one is clearly doing their very best to balance fatherhood with the responsibilities of work.”

The Prizes!

Winners not only gain International recognition - they will also be presented with:

  • A prestigious SuperAchievers Award
  • A cash prize of £500 to help them on their way to achieving their goals!
  • A distance learning training course (courtesy of Pitman Training Group)

PLUS: There will be special prizes will be awarded to winners of individual categories, including:

  • A 1-to-1 mentoring call with Claire Barratt and the creation of ClaireaBella character of the winner, for this year's Working Mum of the Year.
  • A 1 hour personal impact review with Jennifer Corcoran - 'Brand YOU' which will review the LinkedIn profile and personal branding of PA of the Year Winner.

The Judging Panel

We’re pleased to introduce our SuperAchievers Judging Panel. Click below to find out more about them.

Lucy Brazier

Lucy Brazier

Lucy works with the best trainers of Executive Assistants from around the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market.

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Claire Barrat

Claire Barratt

With passion, determination and a lot of long hours Claire has developed an award winning brand with retail sales over £2m per annum, from a £30 loan and an evening crafting at her kitchen table.

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John Adams

John Adams

Winner of 'Best UK Dad Blog', John combines raising his two daughters with running and regularly comments in national media on how men struggle to achieve work/life balance.

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Jennifer Corcoran

Jennifer Corcoran

Where so many are vying to be visible, Jennifer Corcoran, our SuperAchievers 'PA of the Year' in 2016 and London PA Awards 'Most Networked PA' has become a commodity in demand.

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Diane Rose

Diane Rose

Director of Membership and Assessment, at the CPD Standards Office: A global accreditation service who campaign nationally for excellence in lifelong training and actively promote CPD across all industry sectors.

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