Jennifer Smith

Jennifer is currently an Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive at 'Teens and Toddlers.'

Jennifer said she always knew she wanted to work within an office, but not specifically as a PA until she was already in the role. Soon after, she realised it was the perfect job for her as she enjoyed the challenges and opportunities the role offered.

Alongside Jennifer's entry for this award, she has also been nominated by her CEO and Commercial Director. Jennifer knew her CEO, Joanne Hay, from when they both worked at the NSPCC. This is where Joanne got to see Jennifer's capabilities first-hand, describing her as "incredibly impressive, managing a heavy workload and building great working relationships across the organisation." Nearly three years later, Joanne was delighted when she applied to be her Executive Assistant at Teens and Toddlers.

Jennifer was very quick to make an impact on the organisation with Joanne saying that within the first month, Jennifer had reorganised senior management and board meetings, meaning they get more done as a result. Her positive influence didn't stop there - she improved their e-training, took on the management of several complex and critical projects, and improved the HR function – all within 6 months! Joanne says she has no doubt the work Jennifer has done, helped achieve their 2017 goals.

We asked Commercial Director, Matthew Freeman, why he thinks Jennifer is so successful at what she does. He said, "Jennifer is successful because she absolutely believes in the aims and vision of the charity, and she is deeply committed to enabling the CEO to achieve their goal. She is incredibly diligent and simply works harder than anyone else to ensure she completes her work to the highest possible standard. She is also very responsible and will always find a way to achieve whatever needs to be done."

Jennifer herself says she feels the role of a PA is limitless. The options and ability to continue to develop and grow keeps her motivated. She feels that it is easy to remain motivated when each day holds something different. She remains ambitious and driven with her career progression; she wants to continue as a PA, but with an expanding remit. She is also working towards achieving Practitioner status through the EPAA CPD Programme. Over the last few years, Jennifer has done a lot of work to support the job role and profession of a PA by trying to change people's perception of what a PA is and can be. To this end, Jennifer has contributed to the Proud PA blogs run by Eventopedia. Some of the topics she has covered include 'Challenging bosses' and 'Coping with ghost days'. She also actively supports EPAA and is a fellow member.

When it comes to why she should win this award, her colleagues offered their views with Joanne saying, "Jennifer really understands how to add value to an organisation through the work she does and knows how to bring that to life. Setting a high bar from which others learn, Jennifer is a major team player and a joy to work with. Definitely a SuperAchiever!"

Matthew said, "I think Jennifer should win this award as it would be a great recognition for who she is and all that she does. She has achieved so much in such a short period of time and yet never seeks endorsement or praise for her work. She gets on with her work to the best of her ability and is much loved and admired by everyone in the organisation. She is someone who helps other people to be better and is committed to ensuring the organisation achieves its goals. She always puts the needs of everyone else above her own and works tirelessly to ensure the success of others. Jennifer is very much a self-made person, who has encountered and overcome considerable challenges and who I believe is truly deserving of the wider recognition the SuperAchievers award would provide. I know that this recognition would mean so much to her and it would be absolutely fitting for all that she does for our charity."

Jennifer's entry is extremely inspirational; she is a great representation of today's PA, demonstrating the value and positive impact that such a role can have on a business's success. When you combine that dedication and ambition alongside her desire to support and influence others in the profession, it makes Jennifer a great candidate for SuperAchiever's PA of the Year.