Abigail Horne

Inspirational Entrepreneur, Founder of Authors&Co and co-Founder of The Female Success Network.

Abigail Horne went from working in an energy company to being the co-Founder of The Female Success Network (FSN), which launched in 2017 – a membership programme and online community with tools, resources and support to help women pursue their version of success in life, business, careers, relationships and more.

Abigail is also the founder of 'Authors&Co' helping women become "best-selling authors" in their chosen industries. Authors&Co only launched a year ago and has already changed the lives of many women and female entrepreneurs, having helped over 40 women throughout 2018 to become best-selling authors – with some authors earning £100K following the launch of their book.

Earlier in 2018, Abigail was showcased by Forbes as one of the hottest Female Entrepreneurs to watch & they weren't wrong as Abigail's career goes from strength to strength...

"Leaving school at 16 and going straight into a full time job, I quickly realised that I wanted to be successful. A big lesson for me at a young age was that no one took me seriously, and that promotions weren't always based on work ethic and merit. At 24 I became a mum, and with the pure joy of having my son I simply wanted to work part-time and be there for him. I spent my maternity leave battling with my employer over reducing my hours only resulting in wasting my only bit of time with Ted returning to work full-time when he was just 5 months old. Spending the following year on antidepressants in a low state not just over my lack of time with Ted but over the pain from arthritis in my spine, I realised that I was existing, and this was in no way a life. At 26 having completely had enough I walked out of my 10 year management career and went to work in sales management in another city commuting up to 4 hours every day. After just a few weeks working with people who showed me more respect in days than I had been shown in 10 years, my confidence began to grow again. However, I was starting to suffer even more physically with so much driving, I knew something had to change. That's when I made the move to self-employment."

Having worked in sales for years, then having built her own business that saw her replace her corporate salary 10 x over, Abigail become a very successful young female entrepreneur - but knew she was meant for more. So, she turned her attention to other female entrepreneurs like her after feeling like she should put her mentoring and business development skills to use in supporting other women like her, craving a better work life balance. This led to her to being the co-Founder of The Female Success Network (FSN), which launched in 2017. The FSN helps other women who feel that they want to take more control of their lives, be it in their career or business. Authors&Co has been a natural progression from FSN as Abigail heard so many women's stories that she felt needed sharing, to help empower them and celebrate their journeys, but also to help inspire others.

At the end of 2018, Abigail celebrated her 11th best-selling book this year, having established Authors&Co only a year ago, to help women all over the world leave their legacy, through supporting them in creating a best-selling book. Abigail says; "I am overwhelmed at the incredible success we have had this year and the difference these books and best-sellers have had on our amazing authors. We launched Authors&Co so that everyone had the opportunity to be guided through the whole process by a team of people who have been there and achieved Number 1 Bestseller Success! I love helping others bring a book to life and helping them to tell their story. Becoming an author is an incredible experience, one that we are honoured to share. We believe in the power of books and have seen how they can open a whole new world of limitless opportunities to each author. Writing a book is leaving a legacy, it's giving a part of yourself to the future to last for all time!"