Nigel Higgins

Founder and creator of the award winning, top 10 dad and parenting blog in the UK known as DIY Daddy.

Nigel is a father of five children who range in age from 23 years old all the way down to 6 year old twin girls. Being a dad of five has certainly given him his fair share of parenting experiences and knowledge!

As a working dad, Nigel endeavours to split his time equally to ensure a good work/life balance as spending time with his family is very important to him.

"Winning the Working Dad of the Year Award last year was a great honour. It's enabled me to shine a light on the important role that fathers have in their children's lives whether they work, stay at home or do a bit of both.

"I'm very proud to be on the judges panel this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the great entries."

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