Samantha Hearne

Using personal experience to help others

Samantha is a secondary school teacher by trade and has been teaching for seven years, as well as being a Head of Year for four years. Around a year ago, Samantha also launched an anxiety coaching business, 'A Happy Mind'. She is currently doing both of these jobs full time.

Her initial passion in life was for every single child to know that they are loved, accepted, supported and could do and be anything they put their mind to. That passion never died, it is something she still loves about her job and is a philosophy she carries across to her coaching business.

Throughout her teaching career she has had to learn a lot about herself and her emotions. Samantha found that anxiety caused a lot of stumbling blocks early on in her career and this was very hard to cope with at the time. When she didn't get her first ever promotion, she says that it nearly broke her - until a better opportunity came along. Samantha says, "It is funny how things work out and how the hardest of times, can become the best lessons we have ever learnt."

Samantha is open about her own mental health struggles saying that she has experienced anxiety for over 10 years. She has been through some very traumatic experiences as a teenager and young adult, from the divorce of her parents, her Mum and brother moving away and sadly, the unexpected passing of her Dad, who she lived with at the time. Samantha says that following these events "anxiety, abandonment and panic were very common worries and emotions in my life."

Samantha says her biggest challenges were learning how to be emotional within her job, but in a way that helped - not hindered. Something so many people feel and question - Can I say I am struggling? Can I ask for help? Am I doing a good job? Samantha recognises that these internal struggles and challenges can be the reason we don't find happiness at work, and she is working hard to change that.

Her coaching business helps her to follow one of her biggest passions. She carries out public speaking engagements, coaching and one-to-one sessions. She goes into companies and delivers coaching and workshops to staff, designed to help make a difference to their mental wellbeing.

She has three key messages to deliver to anyone suffering similar struggles:

  • They are not alone.
  • Anxiety does not have to define and control you.
  • There are solutions and you can become happier in your life.

Samantha also shares her solutions and journey in podcast interviews, writing for a mental health magazine, and in a Facebook group and with 1:1 clients all over the world. Samantha says, "Anxiety is something so many people experience and feel burdened by and I LOVE being able to shed light, love and support on this topic for people in a human, realistic and genuine way."

Aside from her own self-motivation, Samantha has the support of her husband whom she says is her rock. However, her Dad remains her biggest inspiration of all. She said, "He went through a lot of struggles in his life and always taught me as a child to never give up. Never lose faith in yourself and what you are capable of and he also taught me what unconditional love really is. He made me the strong minded, passionate and determined young woman I am today."

Samantha has many highlights in her career so far. She clearly loves her job and is proud to be able to live her passion and help others. Knowing she is changing lives and helping others to find their own happiness, success and contentment spurs her on.

Samantha continues to push herself out of her comfort zone and works hard to create a life that not only can she be happy and proud of, but one that inspires others to do the same themselves. Samantha says, "We are all capable of anything we put our mind to and this last year has taught me more about this than I ever knew."