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Abigail Tennant

Inspirational Achiever Finalists Turns Adversity to Prosper

Abigail Tennant is the epitome of a SuperAchiever. The hardships that Abigail has had to face over the past few years, all while bringing up two small children, managing her own business and writing a best-selling book in the process, is nothing short of a miracle!

After the breakdown of her long-term relationship with her children's father, Abigail found it extremely hard to continue on as normal, but she knew in her mind that she had to for the sake of her two small children. Despite her best efforts, the effect that had been left on her after her partner had left the family home had been long-lasting and somewhat traumatic for Abigail, and understandably too.

She described herself as being 'emotionally chaotic' during this time and anybody would be considering the situation she was in. While all of this was happening, Abigail also had to deal with a serious neurological illness, leaving her bed-bound. She was even admitted to a stroke ward for 3 days. This kind of trauma would be difficult for anybody to deal with but it was significantly heightened when you have to balance your own mind and your children's too. This whole period would have been testing for anybody, and for Abigail to come out of it the way she did was incredible. An onslaught of mental health issues and personal ups and downs brought out a better, more self-aware person in Abigail, allowing her to use her bad experiences to her own advantage and positively influence those that have gone through similar situations. Abigail's message is that despite what you may be going through, there's always a way out and there are people there that are looking out for you no matter what.

Despite everything, Abigail has achieved the impossible. Her newest book, Beautifully Broken, became a Kindle edition best seller within 4 hours of it being released. Within the book, Abigail talks about her innermost thoughts and feelings, alongside her most personal of experiences, arguably the scariest thing a person can do is share the worst moments of their life, but doing so puts them in such a powerful position because others can then benefit from the advice of someone who's had similar misfortunes. The book contains everything from tools on how to deal with mental trauma, motivational quotes, and guidance on how to deal with the lowest points in your life. Combine all of these together and there's something for everyone, giving Abigail's readers the incentive to implement positive changes into their lives. It reinforces the importance of looking after your mental health and wellbeing by highlighting your personal growth and happiness being your top priority.

Now, Abigail dedicates her life to being a wellbeing business owner and mental health advocate for her former university, Northumbria University. Her journey started as a holistic therapist and fitness instructor, giving her a natural interest in mental and physical wellbeing form the very beginning of her career anyway. However, Abigail now focuses on putting her whole self into helping people's mental wellbeing and mental health. So many people have benefitted from Abigail's wise words and through her bad experiences, she's managed to turn her life round into something that's much more positive than it has been be a fair while now.

If anyone was to be an Inspirational Achiever, it would be Abigail. Not many people would be able to accomplish the kind of achievements that she has.

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