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Pitman Training Student of the Year

Aine Bonham

Waterford Student Aine Transforms Her Career

Aine Bonham has been nominated for the Pitman Training Student of the Year Award by our Waterford centre.

Aine has been studying the Office Skills Diploma for 5 months now and has achieved Distinctions in each of her exams taken so far.

Aine has spent most of her working life in a crèche and made the decision to take her career in a completely new direction. With such a change and little office experience, she knew she would need to learn new skills to help achieve her goal.

Naturally, such a change was nerve-wracking but Aine did not let her lack of self-confidence hold her back. The Waterford centre supervisor Gillian said, "Aine has always been a friendly face to both students and staff during her time in the centre. Her determination and commitment to her studies was evident and inspired other students to really focus on completing their course."

Aine's efforts to transform her career have evidently reaped rewards, as she has now secured a full-time position working as a Receptionist and will also be assisting the Accounts Department with invoicing.

When asked why they felt Aine should win this award, the team in the Waterford centre said, "we really feel the fact that Aine starting as a complete beginner tackling her study with dedication and enthusiasm resulting in great results over such a short space of time, gaining 6 Distinctions in 6 Courses over a period of 5 months, combined with her wonderful attitude, despite having a lack of self confidence in the beginning is testament to the fact that you can achieve anything once you put your mind to it. She earned a brand new career, a goal she had set out for herself and really has been an inspiration to us all, and in our opinion a most deserving candidate for Student of the Year."

Aine is a great example of how our practical, job-related training, combined with self-motivation and commitment can help to transform someone's career.

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