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Inspirational Achiever of the Year

Alison Callan

Aussie Mum Mentors in Mindfulness: Alison Callan proves how you can escape the corporate world and be your own leader.

Alison Callan is the very definition of a SuperAchiever. For almost three years now, she has had a business called the 'Mindful Clarity & Success Coach and Mentor for Busy, Purposeful Heart-Led Humans, Consciously Creating Epic Businesses', a business that helps to coach and guide individuals toward a better mind-set, developing them personally and professionally.

Qualifying her as a working mum, are her two boys: Max, who is 6, and Liam who is 3. Max and Liam were at the very core of her decision-making process when it came to her starting her own business. She found that her announcement of being pregnant wasn't received as well as she thought it would be, and negativity from her colleagues seemed to overshadow her wonderful news. This, alongside a department reshuffle that meant that Alison couldn't work part time was the catalyst that made her quit the corporate world of work and where she launched her own career.

Alison has had her fair share of challenges she has had to overcome. Not only were there challenges in her corporate career, but for a long time, she also suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was bed-ridden for months. Alison puts her recovery down to her development of a positive mind-set, another stepping stone towards her journey of becoming a mindfulness coach.

You can't get much more qualified than Alison. When she first started her journey of becoming a mindfulness coach, she sought training offered by the Mindfulness Coaching School. As she progressed and developed as a coach herself, she managed to gain qualifications that would assert her as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Although her business has now been running for nearly three years, the business has only recently turned into a full-time venture for Alison. After the birth of her second son, Liam, she decided that this was her true calling and studied to get her ICF Coaching Accreditation. So, Alison has everything in her arsenal to be the best coach she can be. Likewise, she has a wealth of experience that stands her in perfect stead too. For 15 years, she has worked with government organisations, including the Crown Prosecution Service so arguably, she knows what it takes to become a true leader in terms of personal development.

Alison has coined herself as a 'personal development junkie' as she was introduced to business and leadership coaching fairly early on in her career. She explains that it was a 'Eureka' moment for her because she found that coaching as a modality complemented her career in management, resonating with her professionally. From then on, she was hooked. Now, she coaches and guides people from all walks of life. Whether they own a business, need guidance in terms of a change, or just need general help to get organised mentally, Alison will be there to assist in that task. The proof is in the pudding with the testimonials that appear on her website, a place where her former clients sing their praises about the service that Alison offers.

As a working mum, Alison's life barely gets any down time. She told us that she doesn't necessarily believe in a work/life balance and instead, she believes in the notion of a work/life integration. This is where Alison and her husband set the expectations for what their family needs and how they want to experience their lives to the fullest through work, leisure and family time. There's absolutely no doubt in our minds that Alison works extremely hard for her success, which is deserved because of her dedicated work ethic. She hopes to continue impacting the lives of her clients and being a good role model for her greater audience. Alison also wants to inspire other females across the globe and likewise, she wants her boys to know that they inspired her to be the very best person she could be, helping thousands of people through the creation of her business and programs.

Alison has received additional nominations from other people, proving how much of a positive impact she has had on others, making her an ideal candidate for a SuperAchievers award!

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