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Working Mum of the Year

Amy Gould

VA Amy Relishing Business Challenge

Amy is the definition of a working mum. An entrepreneur and wholly dedicated to her family, Amy has managed to build a VA empire that gives her more time with her family, while being able to suitably provide for them.

Before setting up her own business, Amy had a wealth of experience at senior level in the PA/EA sector in London, working in a high-pressured role that would take up the majority of her day. Although she liked the pressure, and the job itself, it soon took its toll and the stress became too much. Not only was she getting chronic migraines, but she even had to get a bite guard from the dentist because she had begun grinding her teeth in her sleep! It was at this point that she knew she had to make a change.

Fast forward a few years and an entrepreneurial flair had developed within Amy and she knew she had the skills to formulate something special. She also wasn't going to let her experience go to waste. As a result, Amy is now an experienced full-time Virtual Assistant who runs her own 1:1 coaching programmes, aimed at aspiring VAs.

She says that she'll never return to a traditional office setting now that she has established herself as a valuable VA. However, she admits that it hasn't been easy! Building up clientele in the beginning was nothing short of difficult and with no guidance, Amy has had to figure a lot of things out for herself. This is what has inspired her to start up her own coaching business alongside her full-time VA job; to help aspiring VAs to find their feet and smoothly transition into their new role and with more ease than Amy found herself to have at the start.

Although the programme is fairly new, Amy hopes to provide 1:1 support for women who want to set up their own VA business. Amy told Pitman Training that "her hope is that it gives these women the tools and confidence to start a thriving business from home that also allows them full flexibility around their family life. I also plan to create a programme that supports mums who want to create a streamlined business which isn't too overwhelming." Overall, Amy has ambitions that should serve to inspire many other working mums and she illustrates how nothing is impossible!

It's fair to say that Amy has had an incredibly busy past few years. She told us that in less than 3 years, she's left a senior role, had a baby and set up her own business that has surpassed her last investment bank salary. Starting a young family is hard enough, but creating a successful business alongside that has got to add to the stress tenfold! This is why Amy is the perfect candidate for a SuperAchievers award- despite everything, she has taken everything into her stride with grace and confidence.

Throughout this whole process, Amy was seeking the perfect work/life balance and has tried to find the right amount of time to fit self-care into her routine. With her new occupation, her successful business, she has achieved just that! Like we've already touched on, this would've never have been achievable in Amy's old role. Now she gets to spend time with her young family: little girl Isobel, and partner Nick. We would say she was the epitome of a Working Mum SuperAchiever!

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