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Andrew Osundwa

Personal Assistant Championing Others

Andrew works as a PA in the Executive Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Kenya. This is a position he has held for 10 years now. He entered SuperAchievers and was also nominated by his work supervisor, Rodah Ogoma.

Andrew developed a clear career path from an early age after his elder sister sent him a typed letter while he was in primary school encouraging him to work hard. He admired the handwriting only to realise that it was typed. From there he developed an attention to detail in document processing.

He joined the National Youth Service, Kenya, a paramilitary training, as a volunteer and was introduced to secretarial training during the course. He did the course for three years and upon completion got a job as a Secretarial Assistant in the government of Kenya.

While undertaking the secretarial training, he received negative comments with some saying that no one would employ a man to do the secretarial work as it was perceived that most employers prefer the feminine on the front desk. Andrew says he remained optimistic and that this actually motivated him more, so much so he gained his job in the government before he did the final exams.

In his current role Andrew takes a great deal of pride in his attention to detail and progressive thinking. He works hard to go above and beyond, being resourceful and innovative. So much so that the office have many times delegated technical assignments to him with the trust that he will complete the job to the highest of standards. He has helped in developing key policy documents that is the National Prosecution Policy, General Prosecution Guidelines and Annual Reports In the Kenya National Secretaries Association, he has also developed the secretaries Professional Bill, 2018 which is awaiting the cabinet approval and processed into the Act that will streamline the secretarial professionals in the country and beyond borders.

Andrew joined the Kenya National Secretaries Association, a professional body for secretaries in Kenya and he became the treasurer for six years. He gained the seat of National Chairperson of the Association in 2017. A great achievement in a profession that is still majorly dominated by females.

The Association has a key aim to bring people together to achieve one purpose. It has over 5,500 members who go through workshops and training organised across each year. It encourages fellow professionals to connect, learn and develop together and the feedback he receives energises him to continue.

Andrew is a clear inspiration to people around him. Rodah says of Andrew "many of the newly employed staff are attracted to Andrews way of doing things He is a great mentor and the kind of person who loves to bring out the good in others". Andrew himself says "Everyone has potential within, and one has to stretch to achieve it. Passion turns dreams into reality". In 2018 Andrews achievements were recognised when he won 'Personal Assistant of the Year Award Winner, Africa'.

When we asked Rodah why Andrew should win this award, she said "Andrew has been consistent and persistent in the delivery of his services. Every assignment that he has been associated with has been successful either due to his leadership or unwavering support. Further, the fact that Andrew has served as a mentor to officers junior to him puts in a position whereby many would love to emulate him. This award therefore will serve beyond merely motivating him, It will further ignite the passion amongst his peers and mentees to work hard and also be recognised."

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