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Pitman Training Student of the Year

Catherine Bibby

Catherine has been nominated for Student of the Year by Joy Renshaw from Pitman Training Brighton. Catherine has been studying for the Medical Secretary Diploma and successfully gained a Distinction.

When she came to us Catherine had done her research on the Medical Secretary Diploma, and knew it has the relevant content that potential employers were looking for but she was not confident it was achievable for her as she has dyslexia, and had never been able to access learning successfully.

The team at Brighton worked with her and knew that the self-directed and flexible learning style would work well, Joy described this aspect as "pivotal" for Catherine saying "Never before had she been able to set her own learning pace. The audio/visual learning style added to further expedite her learning and her confidence really grew and grew!"

The team in the centres described how Catherine has the ability to learn and focus on the task in hand, which is beneficial when applied to a self-directed learning environment. New skills such as learning to touch type and Teeline Shorthand required determination resilience and motivation to develop and Catherine demonstrated that throughout her studies.

Catherine successfully gained a new role at a Manchester Hospital and took the decision to move from Sussex to take up the new position. Moving counties, finding somewhere new to live and starting a new job - big changes that inspired not only herself but her friends too.

Such has been her success since starting her new role that in her first 3 month review she was told she had the potential trajectory for a management role and will progress from Medical Assistant Secretary to a Medical PA role. As part of her career development plan she has put herself forward to minute the Information Governance Meeting next month as she has outstanding Teeline shorthand knowledge which Pitman taught her. She is also very helpful with her work colleagues with their Excel or Word questions because of her training that Pitman Training gave her.

Owner of Pitman Training Brighton said of Catherine "She is an exceptional Student! We miss her but we keep in touch and she is always so excited to talk about her new job in Manchester and how she is progressing really well now!" she continued "Catherine thanks Pitman and keeps saying "It has changed my life - thank you Pitman I love you." We say, well done Catherine!

Catherine's determination to succeed epitomises the SuperAchievers qualities these awards set out to acknowledge.

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