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Inspirational Achiever of the Year

Claire MacGillivray

Mindset Coach Setting Out To Transform Lives Through Meditation

Claire is a Mindset mentor and manifesting coach, and 12 months ago, founded The Mindset Mum.

5 years ago her partner, Trevor, had a life-changing accident. He was left with a brain injury and had to learn to walk again. Instantly, Claire went from being a stay at home mum to having to care for her partner, helping to cut up his food, wash him and support him in everything. She said, "I became a carer overnight with 2 young kids, no career, no income. I panicked."

In her teens Claire says she chose not to pursue further education, instead choosing life experience and travel, because in her own words, "I didn't want to waste 4 years studying something I wasn't passionate about, when I can be out there exploring the world." So, with this drastic change in circumstance arriving without warning, Claire felt she had nothing to fall back on.

Thankfully, she says her fall was caught by a fantastic network marketing company which she worked in partnership with for almost 2 years. She says this was exactly what she needed to get her onto the right path for her family's future.

Throughout this transformative period in her life, she truly connected with her own spirituality and began to think deeply about the bigger picture and her purpose. Having meditated for several years, a chance conversation with a friend brought about the idea for The Mindset Mum.

Now she is championing meditation for children, working with parents to encourage them to embrace meditation and the benefits it brings. She says "I want to inspire families across the globe to open their minds to the universe we live in. To be more connected to themselves, to meditate, to be aware of their thoughts. I was 30 before I became aware of what I had missed out on my whole life. I want kids everywhere, to have daily meditation as a part of their childhood memories and for families to inspire growth and confidence in each other. As The Mindset Mum, I help busy modern mums to find ways of bringing spirituality into their homes."

She is dedicated and clear in her drive to attain the most exciting future for her family. She wants to be someone who has created a ripple effect across the nation for children in schools; learning meditation, improving children's wellbeing and self-confidence, bring meditation into the school curriculum, to make it as normal as taking the register every morning, to work with the education authorities and with local councils. She wants to achieve national newspaper coverage and her big personal goal is "to sit on the couch with Holly and Phil on This Morning to share the success of the first 6 months of my Magic Moments Meditation programme across schools."

She is already hearing feedback of how she has inspired others. Her online community regularly tell her anecdotes of how her story has inspired them. Most recently, she heard of a little girl who she inspired to meditate with her Dad who looked a little sad.

We asked Claire where she finds her inspiration and she said from several people in her life. However, if she had to pick one right now it would be Jamie Oliver. She says,"I see what he did for school dinners across Britain, I feel like I'm about to do something similar with meditation and wellbeing in schools, it gives me goosebumps when I think about it!"

When we asked Claire why she would like to win this award she said, "because I'm making a difference to the future by giving children a simple life skill which will empower them and inspire them to live extraordinary lives. I have taken an idea, and despite the doubts and fears of others, I am running with it, because I am so passionate about the power of the mind, and unlocking some of the 80% of the power we don't use. Just think of what our future will look like with this kind of awareness. I can say I made it happen on a grand scale, not just to my own family."

We feel Claire demonstrates SuperAchievers qualities for her determination to create and launch a training programme available to schools and education providers, despite having very limited resources and being under challenging circumstances.

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