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Pitman Training Student of the Year

Debbie O'Brien

Dedication and Hardwork Helps Dundalk Student Achieve Dream Career Goal!

The team at Pitman Training Dundalk have nominated their student, Debbie O'Brien, for this award. She studied the Medical Admin Diploma and achieved a Distinction. The team at Dundalk were so impressed by the journey Debbie went on whilst training with them, they now share her story with other potential students!

Before starting her studies, Debbie was working in a convenience store, working long hours with no admin experience or qualifications. She made the decision to change her career and came to Pitman Training Dundalk to study the Medical Admin Diploma.

Initially, her confidence levels were extremely low. Debbie hadn't trained or studied for many years and the thought of sitting the tests was daunting for her. There were a few times early on in her journey where she experienced doubts on whether she would complete the course. The convenience store Debbie worked in was also burgled twice and Debbie rang in to say she was unable to come in because of it. However, all that being said, Debbie didn't let anything deter her from reaching her goal.

Debbie showed a great deal of determination and self-motivation to keep going, even through the tough times, and she rose to the challenges admirably. Debbie finished her studies at Pitman Training Dundalk on a Friday, had an interview on the Monday and was offered the job on Tuesday. They were impressed with her qualifications and her confidence shone through.

More recently, the team were delighted to hear from Debbie and learn that she had gained a promotion. In her message to the team she said, "...I love it [her job] so much. It's all thanks to you and Vaughan.""

When we asked the team at Pitman Training Dundalk why they thought Debbie deserved to win this award they said, "Debbie was determined to complete the course and for a couple of weeks whilst doing the Medical Terminology course, she travelled everywhere with her tablet so she could learn the course non-stop. She gained a Distinction for her Medical Terminology. She rang us first to let us know she had got the job in a Doctors' Surgery - her dream job - and has called in a couple of times to say how much she enjoys her new job and the confidence it has given her. Debbie is a true SuperAchiever."

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