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Working Mum of the Year

Ellie Williams

Keeping family at the heart of it all

This nomination comes from the daughter of Ellie Williams. Ellie is the company director of a renewable energy firm with 3 children, Ellie doesn't leave anything in her tank and she's able to balance her efforts and her time between her family life and a very busy working life.

Ellie's main goal is to help make renewable energy systems affordable to every home and family I the South West and West Midland area. Not only does Ellie provide a service that really helps the environment, but she helps regular people save significantly on their energy bills when they invest in renewable energy.

Ellie has always struggled with the notion of renewable energy being a man's world in a typically traditional country. However, she has overcome this by being a stellar director and has built national network partners and has recently won a contract with Europe's biggest renewable installer. She balances everything from important business, to the even more important family life.

Ellie has always said that her business is built around the dining room table, implying that she is also there for her family before the business. Ellie has three children: Mia 13; Molly 10 and Olivia who's 8

Mia has said that Ellie's success is down to her saying yes, and then figuring out the rest quickly. Here primary motivations are down to her wanting to help people in the very best way she can and when she saw an opportunity to help people significantly, she took it with both hands and ensured that the opportunity didn't pass her by.

Naturally, Ellie is extremely reserved and humble so winning an award like this would be otherworldly for Ellie. If she was to be recognised by others for everything she does for EMMO Energy Company, then it would be a great achievement.

Ellie prides herself on balancing family life with her business life and, with three small girls, Ellie really does intertwine her family and business life effectively, and which is why she would be a worthy SuperAchiever!

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