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Working Mum of the Year

Emma Van Heusen

Working Mum Sets Out to Life Others Through Collaboration

Emma has had a long and illustrious career. It was only up until 11 months ago that she decided to set out for herself and embark on her own journey and set up her own career in coaching and advising mums on how to build a business from the bottom up. Technically, Emma titles herself as a Facebook ads and Mind-set Coach, and now that she's in her 40s, she felt as though her time in an advertising agency was coming to an end, explaining how the company was becoming much too skewed toward younger people. She also explains how it seems as though if you want to work family-friendly hours, you also have to sacrifice a decent salary.

On Emma's website, there is a link to her renowned 'FB ADcelerator', where she helps people, and primarily working mums, to use the Facebook Ads section of the social media platform to the very best if their ability.

Despite running a very busy business that sees her earning a six figure salary after only 11 months, Emma also has to juggle looking after her 7 year old son.

Just like anyone, Emma has had her fair share of challenges that she's had to overcome along the way. After feeling forced out of her role at her old advertising agency, she was left without employment and had to be put on Job Seeker's Allowance where she earnt only £144 a week. Throughout this process, she explains how her partner and a government mentor were incredibly supportive and stuck by her despite her circumstance.

In a world that seems to favour young males, Emma has certainly put her best foot forward and made an impact on those that have doubted her. She has said that you can achieve whatever you want if you put your mind to it and take aligned action. The proof is in the pudding because Emma has now taught over 100 women on how they should build up their businesses around their family life, while learning how to comfortably use Facebook Ads for their businesses too. The testimonials of Emma's clients speak for themselves in that the many women that Emma has taught have greatly improved their lives and are happier with their work and personal lives than they ever have been.

Emma explains that she is lucky enough to take her work with her wherever she goes, so although hard, balancing her work is never really a problem because she has access to it wherever she goes. Her business has allowed her to travel the world without many restrictions. Her hope is for one day, to take her young family with her wherever she might travel to. For Emma and her business, the opportunities and possibilities seem to be endless.

There's no doubt that Emma is a SuperAchiever because so far, she has managed to teach over 100 women in only a short 11 months, on how to upskill and adopt a growth mindset so they can lead a life with purpose and on their own terms. She has created a tribe of women who are action takers and who lift each other up through collaboration rather than competition. Without Emma, all of these women wouldn't have been so successful. Through her selfless actions and commitment to her business, Emma has achieved true SuperAchiever status.

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