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Entrepreneur of the Year

Melanie Brooks

Fashion Buyer to Inspirational Entrepreneur

Melanie has always had a creative flair and knew from an early age the path she wanted to take. She took a design and manufacturing course in college and then progressed to university to do a fashion design and graphics degree. From here, she immersed herself into the buying industry, with one of her most notable roles being Head of Buying at boohoo.

With a growing family, Melanie knew that ultimately, she would like to work for herself and it was just a matter of finding the right route. Having a more flexible home life and being financially free was her goal so she took the leap and set out on her self-employed journey!

Now, Melanie works with her business partner as co-founder of The Lifestyle Box Co, a selfcare subscription box. She also runs her own business at, where she offers 1 to 1 mentoring, an ecommerce marketing course and a product business member's hub.

In her nomination, one of the notable traits that was highlighted is her selflessness. She doesn't see things as being about her. Her customers and clients love her honesty and ethics. She walks the walk and is able to demonstrate that what she teaches works. She takes action herself to show others what is possible rather than shouting about herself.

Personally, Melanie has been through some extremely traumatic periods in her life, none more so than the devastating loss of her twin boys shortly after birth. She managed to fight through this distressing time and found a determination to show her children that anything is possible.

Her creativity was pinpointed as a key reason for her success. Her natural vision and business acumen in the product industry has enabled her to build a rewarding career, helping her to overcome her personal obstacles. She continues to learn and build through experience and share those learnings, helping others to succeed.

With her 3 children being one of her core reasons to keep driving forward, Melanie is dedicated to supporting and mentoring women to create successful retail brands whilst also running the Lifestyle Box Co.

We were very inspired by Melanie's story. It is impressive to hear of someone with such a clear vision of the career they wanted from an early age and then have the tenacity and dedication to achieve her goals. These qualities are exactly the type of traits that SuperAchievers seeks in its finalists.

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