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Working Dad of the Year

Mohamed Masoud

Working Dad Striving To Inspire His Daughters

Mohamed has been nominated for this award by the Course Supervisors at Pitman Training Newcastle, who were particularly impressed with how dedicated he was when training to achieve his AAT qualifications.

Mohamed has two daughters, aged 9 and 15 years, and currently works as a Front Office Accountant for Procter and Gamble, a position he has held since December 2018. Prior to this, he worked on a temporary contract as a Finance Administrator for BT.

After being made redundant after 15 years in his job and assessing the best route forward for himself and his family, Mohamed made the decision to pursue a move to the UK, where he felt he would find a stable finance career and excellent education prospects for his daughters. He moved in January 2018.

Mohamed has always had an interest and shown aptitude with numbers and finance procedures, so he knew that this was the industry he wanted to pursue his career in. When he moved here, he had to leave his wife and daughters back in Egypt temporarily whilst he came and made a start on building their new life in the UK.

Starting a new life in a new country was a big challenge. Knowing he was moving without a stable job or home was a big step. Mohamed was determined to rise to the challenges ahead, with his wife and daughter's futures as his motivation. He set about searching for work, a home and schools for his daughters.

When he started looking at the employment market, he quickly realised he would need some formal UK qualifications, so he decided to invest his savings into his studies and commenced his AAT training with the Newcastle training centre.

The team in the training centre describe Mohamed as very studious and eager to gain his qualifications. In both training and his job, he enjoys the work and takes a great deal of pride in doing it to the best of his ability. He was delighted to gain his current job and is now eagerly awaiting his family joining him in May 2019. Professionally, he would love to continue onto AAT Level 3 and 4 qualifications to progress in his chosen career.

Mohamed is a great example of a Dad trying not only to provide a stable life for his family but inspire and encourage his children in their future aspirations, saying "anyone can achieve a goal by faith and hard work."

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