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Patricia Egan

Patricia Egan, a Civil Servant, gives up time and energy to build schools, and look out for vulnerable people in her community.

Patricia has been nominated by Pitman Training Wexford Supervisors, Jessica Donohoe and Betty Dempsey. Both Jessica and Betty speak of how Patricia balances a hectic lifestyle in order to help and serve others. We asked Jessica and Betty a series of questions about Patricia to see how she manages to keep up with everything, while giving up most of her time to help others. See for yourself on how she does this:

What is the name and purpose of the organisation that Patricia volunteers for?
Mellon Educate & Wexford Marine Watch. Mellon Educate is an organisation that fundraises for their 'building blitz' every year. Volunteers from all over the world travel to poor African communities to help in building a better infrastructure there.

Wexford Marine Watch is an organisation that helps the local community and vulnerable people stay safe from the waters. The organisation sees how all the local emergency services come together to provide Suicide Prevention Patrols, amongst other services, along Wexford Quays.

What is Patricia's current occupation?
Patricia is a Civil Servant.

Why do you think Patricia is so motivated to volunteer?
It is very rewarding to be able to help other people in times of need. Patricia's selfless determination to put others first, and passion to have a positive effect on communities is why she is so motivated to volunteer.

Is it possible to measure how much volunteering that Patricia does?
When Patricia volunteers for Mellon Educate, the project involves a 10 day trip in November where Patricia travels to South Africa to build new schools and buildings for the children living in the Townships. She needs to raise €4000 each year which includes a lot of fundraising - on average about 3 hours per week of dedicated fundraising.

When Patricia volunteers for Wexford Marine Watch, she volunteers for approximately 1½ hours on an evening per week.

Why is Mellon Educate and Wexford Marine Watch so close to Patricia's heart?
Patricia has been on 11 'building blitzes' to date with Mellon Educate, seeing first-hand the how both parents and children struggle to obtain a decent education. The work Patricia and the rest of the team does is unbelievable and incredibly rewarding. This is what brings Patricia back year after year; seeing how she can give the gift of education to those less fortunate.

Wexford Marine Watch is also very important to Patricia as she can see how many lives have been saved since it was established in December 2012. Having a suicide prevention service in Wexford is so important for everyone and appreciated by the whole community.

How does Patricia balance her commitments?
Currently, Patricia is studying with us at Pitman Training Wexford. She is also a mother of 4 children and grandmother of 8, so Patricia is usually very busy between work and babysitting, but she still feels it is important to give something back to society despite having an extremely busy schedule. So, she makes sure she dedicates a lot of her spare time to volunteering regardless of her circumstances - She believes that "If there's a will, there's a way."

What has been Patricia's standout volunteering moment?
For us, a standout volunteering moment was day in November 2009 that Patricia once told us about. Patricia was chosen to hand over the keys of a new house to a family who had spent all their lives living in a shack in South Africa. Patricia told us that seeing the difference that she had made was so incredibly rewarding, that she just had to keep making huge differences like that to those less fortunate.

Lastly, why do you think that Patricia deserves to win this award?
Even though Patricia works full time, she prides herself on being an active volunteer with these different organisations.

We feel Patricia should win a SuperAchievers Award because as along with being a parent, grandparent, undertaking an Accounting Technician Diploma with us at our Wexford centre and working full time with the Civil Service, she continues to volunteer with two amazing charities, spending nights every month patrolling Wexford Quay front with Marine Watch while fundraising throughout the year to travel to South Africa to take part in the amazing work carried out by Mellon Educate. Patricia has done this for a long number of years and which is why she is one of our SuperAchievers Volunteer of the year finalists.

If you feel as though Patricia deserves a SuperAchiever award for all of her incredible work, you can vote for her today!

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