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Ravin Papiah

Mauritius Leader Succeeds in Helping Others Better Themselves

Ravin has been nominated by Rihaad Mooradun because of his dedication to his leadership style and the passion he has to help people lead better lives, assisting them in becoming better versions of themselves.

Ravin has a wealth of experience in managing, directing, public speaking, leading and coaching. He has hundreds of endorsements on LinkedIn, highlighting how he's positively helped people over his many years of experience. He's also an award winning professional, winning the 2011-2012 Executive Professional of the year Award, representing the Business Management Industry in the Cambridge Who's Who awards. This illustrates the amount of entrepreneurial spirit that Ravin has, and how good he is at his job.

Currently, Ravin is a certified John Maxwell Coach, and an Executive Director of that team too. However, his experience goes beyond what would be expected of your average person. With multiple degrees from universities with excellent reputations, and high-level job knowledge, it's clear to see that his entrepreneurial flair is backed up by a high-level of education and logic.

As an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, Ravin is certified to facilitate, speak, train and coach individuals and groups that want to focus on the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth. It's evident that Ravin is dedicated to improving the lives and careers of the people that seek his help.

He offers the 'best sales training on the planet', based on best-selling books and proven strategies created by Jeffrey Gitomer. A huge part of his job is to get the very best out of people, specifically those in sales too. He trains many people, allowing them to become better employees, for not only themselves but for their employers too.

Rihaad believes that Ravin has inspired many people across the globe, and not just the people of Mauritius. Being from Mauritius, Rihaad explains that inspiring the people of a low-population country in the Indian Ocean can be challenging, especially with the limited resources that they have, but also explains that he makes it work despite those big obstacles. It's a great feat to start-up your own company but to do it in a place where assets are in short supply is an even greater feat.

Ravin remains motivated by the transformation he can see amongst the teams that he coaches, and his own teams as well! Another way that he stays motivated is by reading up on all of the latest material and audio of motivational talks, picking up tips that he can use in his own sessions.

Rihaad explains how Ravin is one of the most approachable people that you'll ever meet, talking to anyone that approaches him. This generous and friendly nature, alongside his professional demeanour is what makes him a worthy nominee.

It's clear that Ravin has made an extremely positive impact on Rihaad, mentioning that he's also a dedicated dad and wonderful mentor when he's not doing his best to change the lives of his clients. So, if you think that Ravin is a worthy SuperAchiever finalist, you can vote for him today!

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