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Rose Camm

EA Goes Above and Beyond to
Connect Those Around Her

Rose was nominated for this award by 4 people, Ann Malone, Paula Theobald, Katie Horner and Hannah Gough, all of whom she met through the Cityco PA Network.

Rose works as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Exec of Cityco where she has been since 2016. Rose loves the role she is in as it is very diverse, she's able to get involved in different areas such as events and charitable fundraising activities. It's a role that perfectly fits her personality and skills – hard working, determined, organised, efficient, calm, personable and approachable. She is described as "A super strong woman with a heart of gold."

It is very apparent when reading through the nomination entries for Rose that she is a highly positive influence on those around her.

Rose is known for her positive, can-do attitude both in the work environment and within her professional network community. When asked why she suits her role Rose was described as a warm, welcoming, compassionate person. Someone who genuinely cares about people - those she works with, her clients, colleagues, friends. One nomination said "She has the ability to immediately put people at ease, and achieve her objectives by sublime diplomacy and a little bit of cheek!"

She is extremely positive and proactive with regards professional networking. Rose has taken the Cityco PA Network from small beginnings through to a membership in excess of 650. She is passionate about bringing people together and sees the value of having a strong network of contacts. Through the network, she also raises funds for BigChange Manchester and is passionate about promoting this initiative to alleviate homelessness in Manchester. Hannah says "Rose knows that we are stronger when working together on something and has seen the power of PAs networking together, sharing knowledge and ideas. Knowing that she is making a difference to the local community around her, and seeing the benefits that her work has brought to many homeless people I'm sure must be rewarding."

Rose has a large family and has needed to be resilient over the years but she is determined to make a difference and help people in every walk of life. That she combines a demanding job, her commitments to the PA network alongside a busy family life, makes her achievements all the more remarkable.

This drive to help and connect inspires those around her. Ann said "Rose has inspired the next generation of young members of the Cityco PA network as a shining example of how she has worked constantly to achieve her role within Cityco and passes on knowledge to everyone she meets. With her years of experience she thinks it's essential to pass on this knowledge to the younger PA's."

Hannah said "Rose inspires me to be better - both at my job, and as a person! Her dedication and unfailing resilience when organising events, which I'm sure must throw up their challenges, all the while doing this with a smile. Her caring attitude towards others, makes you feel instantly warm and comfortable in her company. If I can channel 10% Rose in my day to day life, I'll be happy!"

We ask people why they feel the person they're nominating should win this award. Here is what was said about Rose:

"She is an incredible woman. She has the ability to inspire younger people into realising that they can do anything they set their mind to; and never give up. She is a firm believer in training and gives advice and contact names to anyone who wishes to further their career. She has grown the Cityco PA network to be one of the best PA networks in Manchester and this will only continue. She is such a likeable person who will go the extra mile to make a difference whether its business related or personal and especially with her charitable causes. A SUPER ACHIEVER EXTRAORDINAIRE. I know she would be immensely proud if she won this award."

"Rose has had a huge impact on the PA community in Manchester and I don't think realises just how much we all appreciate her efforts and look up to her as a leading light. She inspires us all on a daily basis!"

"She should win the award because she is an excellent EA and has improved the PA Network events since taking on the role, and she does all of this in such a positive and inspirational way. She is by far the most positive, caring person I have met on networking events and is someone I know I can approach for any advice, not only career-wise but in life."

"Rosie works tirelessly on projects which fall over and above her 'day job', putting in extra hours and 100% effort. I have not met one person who does not admire Rosie or have one bad word to say about her. She does a tremendous amount of great work in and for the city and I think she would be delighted to be recognised for her achievements. I also think she would not expect it one bit, which makes her even more deserving."

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