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Working Mum of the Year

Sam Munslow

Working Mum Helping to Transform the Lives of Others

Sam is a great advocate of the working mum category. With an array of endorsements on LinkedIn, Sam is the epitome of the typical working mum. Sam has 4 children, ranging from 25 to 10, so she really has to focus on the benefits of multi-tasking and balancing home and work life.

After years of experience as a deputy head teacher, leaving a positon that provides so much security would always be unnerving at first, but it was Sam's dream to be her own boss and so she could work on her own terms, rather than be confined to the daily grind of the school day. In addition to that, Sam also wanted to ensure that she could spend as much time with her family and husband as was physically possible, that's why she opted to start up her own coaching business!

As with many entrepreneurs, the doubts you have when you start up your own business can be daunting, but arguably even more so when you're a mother of 4 and are trying to provide for everyone. However, with the support of her family and the perseverance with her own determination, Sam now has an established coaching business with Blue Monkey, helping 'business owners and successful leaders to eradicate the stress.'

The key to Sam's business is that she's highlighting the importance of a good work/life balance, learning to put down your phones, stop checking your emails and engage in your family/spare time. Sam makes you realise that putting extra and unnecessary stress on yourself will only damage your mental and physical health in the long-run, making you resent your job and the commitment you feel like you have to put towards it. Not only that, she also highlights how you may even start feeling guilty for having to spend time with your family. Obviously, this is no good for anyone and which is why Sam provides top-quality coaching for those that find themselves drawn into their working life too much.

So, if you're wanting to improve you sleep, family life, and general mental health surrounding your work load, give Sam a call and she'll be able to help towards eradicating any stress you may have.

It's clear to see how family life is important to Sam, and how she wants to spread that message to the many people that seek her coaching and advice. Her coaching is valuable to many that seek her training which is why she has so many endorsements and connections on LinkedIn. The advice that Sam provides comes straight form the horse's mouth - she herself would sometimes work up to 70 hours a week, and sacrificing her family time to get ahead in her job. One day, she realised that it just wasn't worth the stress she was putting herself under, and decided that despite being in a well-paid job, that the salary wasn't worth the time that was being stolen from her family.

Sam has faced no shortage of challenges in her journey of becoming self-employed. There was always the worry of whether she was going to make enough money, whether she had done the right thing and whether she'd be right for the job she wanted to get herself into. However, everything seems to have paid off because she spends more time with her family now than she ever has done and she manages to live comfortably with the job that she has.

Sam's plans for the future involve her growing her business so that her husband doesn't have to work too so they can enjoy their family time together.

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