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Working Dad of the Year

Tom Briggs

Dad of Three Creates Career with Successful Dad Blog

Tom writes an award winning blog, Diary of the Dad, and has been nominated for this award by his wife Kate. They have 3 children aged 8, 6 and 3.

Tom started his blog as a new hobby in 2010 but it has grown into something much bigger.

In 2015, Tom made the decision to become a full-time blogger to spend more time with his family as they had a child on the way and his career at the time wasn't allowing for a great work life balance.

Naturally, it wasn't a quick and easy decision to quit his job. Tom was the family's only earner at the time, so there was a risk to walking away from a secure, well-paid job. But, he recognised that he wasn't finding the enjoyment in the role and knew that he wanted more precious time with his growing family. Together they were confident that Tom could make it a success.

Now, Tom has turned a hobby into something that provides for a family of five and, most importantly, that gives them more time together. He works incredibly hard to continue building on the success he has achieved so far. He has had numerous media appearances on programmes such as Good Morning Britain and the Victoria Derbyshire show, as well as radio, newspaper and magazine interviews where he can offer a dad's point of view. He also works with various brands as a spokesperson and holds regular contributor slots on various websites.

Most importantly, in all the blog success, Tom is able to play a full part in family life. Working from home, with no commute, he structures his work to standard office hours. Around that, Tom is able to do school runs, attend class assemblies, school plays and so on.

Tom knows he doesn't want to return to the type of career he held before and that is a driving factor on his quest to continue building on the successes he has already achieved.

When asked why he should win this award, Kate said that "Tom has worked so hard to provide for us and has gone from strength to strength while being around more too. He's found a way of having the best of both worlds and we're really happy with how things have worked out." She continued, "I think Tom is a great success, simply because he loves what he does for a living. Both in terms of his job itself and the work-life balance that it gives him."

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